Al Qaeda Sleeper Cell Activation Page

Tuesday, June 25, 2002

Abdul...many deep apologies for my inability to contact you over Sunday and Monday. This reminds me of an old saying of our glorious Hizbollah fighters in Lebanon: First Saturday and then Sunday. What this means of course is that after we have eradicated the Jews completely the Christians are next. Fortunately many of them fail to understand this.

Another thing of which I am reminded is the film "Black Sunday" from the 1970's. This film was clearly produced by Jews in that the Palestinian freedom fighter characters are depicted as the bad guys! And, as was the case in countless films of this period, Marthe Keller played the main "terrorist" woman, despite the fact that she was Swiss. Well, perhaps this makes more sense than one might think at first thought. But where is Marthe Keller today? You would think she might show up on one episode of NYPD Blue, or perhaps Law and Order. How quickly they forget in Jew-controlled Hollywood.

Continue all operations, Abdul.

Saturday, June 22, 2002 the end I must realize that we are stuck with one another. I suppose that if it has come to pass it is because Allah wills it so. Why exactly he should wish to place in my cell someone of your habits, failures, and temperment, I do not know, but then it is not for me to see into the ways of the one and only true God in his Heaven.

Since we are stuck with one another I will try to maintain civil proceedings and intercourse as much as possible. To demonstrate this I will point out that in my press monitorings, the World Cup is proceeding today with Turkey playng Senegal. Turkey, I am sad to said, has been victorious. This is a sad thing indeed since Turkey is a Moslem nation that has followed the service of Satan, willingly allowing Americans to be based on their lands and fighting the "war on terrorism" or the "war on 'terrorism'" I should call it. They have also as you know turned against Allah himself in that clerics are excluded from power and the secular government is all-powerful. Worst of all, they allow women to drive.

It must also be part of Allah's plan to have the Turks win this quarter-final match in the World Cup. The reason must be that advancing so far will make their eventual defeat that much more painful. How wise Allah is.

I know, Abdul, that you are much more familiar with American slangs than I am. I do have a reference book of slangs however that I consult so I can understand all around me, and I have seen that "Turkey" is a form of insult in America. "You are a turkey!" would be one usage.

So you see the hand of Allah even in the slang of American pigs and monkeys. The Turks are indeed Turkeys.

Friday, June 21, 2002

Abdul...first let me say that M was very pleased to meet you last evening. I am glad you could fulfill this task of meeting with our "neo-Nazi" friend.

My second point is less "upbeat." All day I have been dealing with the after effects of the overhearing of your conversation on the telephone about our plans in that city of pure sin Las Vegas. It is clear to me that this man was able to overhear your words because of this use of the walkie-talkies from the "Radio Shack" which you insist upon. From the beginning I maintained this was low-quality merchandise, especially for civilization-toppling, but as always, Abdul, you did not listen. Perhaps your ears were obscured by the static from your "Radio Shack" devices.

The only positive lining to this cloud that I am seeing is that the American authorities and Jew-press seem to believe we are going to undertake some sort of offensive operations in this Las Vegas, when, of course, we have only been planning to go there for fund-raising activity at the "blackjack" tables. Now I am questioning whether this should be called off. It is possible that this alert which you have so cleverly sounded through your incompetence and shoddy "Radio Shack" devices will mean that the American dog authorities will more closely monitor the blackjacks. When we follow our longheld plan to "split" on the aces and eights and "double down" on hands of 9, 10, and 11 this may give us away and result in a swift trip to the infamous Guantanamo Bay. This is highly undesirable. We may be forced simply to play Keno.

And who is to blame for all these problems? I'll give you one guess, Abdul. I think you have it all right.

Thursday, June 20, 2002

Abdul..a small emergency has transpired. Emergency is too strong a word on second thinking, I do not wish to be an old woman about these things.

What has happened is this...M maintains he must have a "meeting" tonight, and I am unavailable. I must make several long distance phone calls during this period M would like to meet, since it is the only time permitted with my calling plan. I must change this plan. It is not as convenient or as thrifty as it might be.

Since you are closer than Hassan, I ask that you meet M in my place. If this is possible please let me know as quickly as possible through the usual method. is an odd thing. In the American press we are often referred to as "barbarians." However, we are the ones who can speak our own language, plus English. Also we can quote the entire Koran by heart, except for some parts in the middle in my case, so who are the "barbarians" really? We are much more educated.

You know that I am distantly related to the Saudi Royal Family. Americans are always impressed by this, because though they all claim to care nothing for royalty, in their secrets hearts most do. We, however, know my relations are no big thing. I can never remember the exact number, but I believe there are something over 83,000 princes in the Sa'ud Royal Family, and I am simply cousins with one of the more minor of these. I barely know him. He used to come over to our house when I was young, and always would tattle to the adults when we would do something mischievous, so for this reason I have never liked him.

My point is only that I come from a good family and so was well-educated as a child, actually having a graduate of Oxford as a tutor for my English. One of the first things he taught me was the proper means of greeting in English, for example, "Good day, sir!" and "Good day to you!" or less formally, "How are you today?" and simply, "How are you?" All of these phrases are acceptable. So when I first came to America I would use all of these in greetings of neighbors and those I would see in day-to-day goings about. My goal, of course, is always to appear friendly and unsuspicious. And I must say most Americans would respond to my phrases, answering, "Fine," and sometimes always asking how I was in return. There was only one exception to this: the Africans-Americans. When I would greet them they would rarely respond. For a long period I was much puzzled by this, but soon I decided the answer must be that these Africans-Americans are racist against me, or as the American animals say, "reverse racist," though this distinction is still unclear to me.

But then, Abdul, several months after my arrival, I was in a normal American mall and observed two Africans-Americans security guards greeting one another. The first said, "How you doing?" or perhaps more correctly, "How you doin'?" and the other responded to the effect that he was doing quite well. Upon my next meeting with Africans-Americans I attempted the same approach, saying, "How you doing?" and what do you think, Abdul? I obtained a response! You see these was no racism involved, or any "reverse racism" whatever this may be, it was simply a case of using the correct linguistical phrase. Often life comes down to little tricks like this, Abdul. Let it be a lesson to you.

After learning all this I almost regret that these Africans-Americans must die like all the other Americans. Except for those who have converted to Islam, and it may turn out we need to eliminate them also. It is all touch and go. But would a "barbarian" think of all these thoughts, Abdul? I do not think so, frankly. Sometimes you just have to laugh.

Abdul...I am sorry to take so long to respond. I have been having big arguments over the internet with my 38th wife, Hashima. She is the short one. Not the really short one, but the other. You remember her I am sure. I will not dwell on the details.

Often one finds that with women, no approach is entirely succesful. There is a sense of a sort of ongoing and unreconciliable conflict, a sense, even at happiest moments, that a time of doom approaches. Or as I believe the American pigs and monkeys say, "You can't live with them, and you can't live without them." This is an important point to remember, since our conflict with women is not exactly like our conflict with the Jews and Americans, and also the Indians, British, Chinese, Canadians, etc. In the case of the Jews and Americans, we can't live with them, but we can live without them. We must live without them. Indeed, one could say fairly that living without them is our main goal in that we wish them all to die.

The same cannot be said of women. They are necessary for mending, cooking, producing children, and other things related to the producing of children which I need not mention. They cannot be eliminated. Also, at times, I find their company enjoyable, simply on a purely human conversational level. This is just my feeling. Still, dealing with them can sometimes be very trying. And also expensive.

You will forgive me, Abdul. In starting down the road of this most extensive topic, I have forgotten what you asked me in the first place. Please renew contact.

Wednesday, June 19, 2002

Abdul...I am sure you have seen in the American pig press the last few days reports of another one of our glorious cells coming to America aboard a shipping container. The American authorities believe this may happen in Los Angeles, or "La La Land" as I believe it is sometimes called. I do not know if this is true--our operations are too compartimentalized--but if it is, clearly there is a massive security breach somewhere. I have said for a long time that they must examine peoples' resumes much more closely when they apply to the group. There are those who lie on these things. You must call all the references.

The reason I mention all this is that you and I, and Hassan too, remember all too well what our own trip within a shipping container was like when we first came to America. It was hot, sticky, smelly, no running water, much of our fresh fruit was badly bruised, and well, I could go on and on. Apparently these problems have been common with all cells smuggled into the country, so you will be pleased to hear that a sort of ad hoc committee has been formed to deal with this issue. I think to call this a "union" as some have is inaccurate. But this committee has been in talks with the very highest levels and the hope is that future cells will have proper amenities inside their shipping containers. We don't think this is too much to ask when we are in service of jihad. So far, from what I hear, the negotiations have been very acrimonious. In America, the greedy ruling class money-grubbers spend all their money on "golden parachutes" for the executives, and expensive jets, hostile takeovers, and so on. Our top leaders want all the money for explosives, bio-weapons, and stray nuclear material, and the result is our safety and comfort gets short-changed. It is the way of the world one supposes.

I will keep you abreast of all these matters.

Tuesday, June 18, 2002

Abdul...of course, we have only been planted here in America since the last days of the potentate adulterer President Clinton era. But even in this short period of time I have noticed American children getting fatter and fatter. I think sometimes this happens almost by the minute.

There may be several reasons for this. One naturally is that America is a greedy, imperialist nation, and these children are fat with the spoils and wealth they have taken from other lands and cultures. Other reasons are probably poor nutrition, overindulgence, sloth, and lack of exercise. In my own opinion, another major factor is lack of sleep.

In my own self I notice that when I am planning and raising funds for more attacks at certain times, I sleep less, and when I sleep less, my weight increases very slightly. This is especially true of my body fats. These American children, they stay up later and later all the time, watching their televisions which they have in every room of their houses, including their bedrooms. The constant lack of sleep then leads, you see, to all of these many weight problems.

You know, Abdul, there are a lot of cranks on this internet, and my theory may be unique, but I am still very positive that it is true. If someone took the time to thoroughly test my observations, it could be some sort of breakthrough.

As for us, I do not think it is necessary to put on excess weight in order to pass for regular Americans. We are thin, but probably we will just be mistaken for actors.

Abdul...the answer to this question is no. I think you know this before you asked.

Abdul...would you like to know a joke? I'm sure you know the Jew film director and comedian Woody Allen. He once said, "Eighty percent of life is just showing your daughter's bedroom!"

Actually, this is what is called a paraphrase of a line he once actually spoke. Still it mocks the foibles of this Allen's life which is why I think it is amusing.

Often I have wondered why so many of these "comedians" employed to make people laugh are Jews. I have as yet come up with no answer. I'll keep working at it. You might think it is because of the money, but I have been to several of these "comedy clubs" and I have seen it is a very tough business, the comedians treated like cattle and told to make a laugh very quickly or else be kicked right off stage! The pay is very low for most as well, so this cannot be the factor attracting the Jewish funny people. You may wonder why I have spent time near comedy clubs, and the reason is that I have long thought that "comedian" would be an excellent cover for one of our top operatives. No one would suspect the comedian! He is supposed to be funny. Not deadly. All those around him would be too busy with a smile on their lips to invoke proper security countermeasures.

There was a problem with this cover however in that an operative pretending to be a "comedian" must be funny. There are two sides to this issue, both the "material" and the "delivery." I am unsure which is most important. Probably both are equally so. I know that Bob Hope has had many writers his whole career, but still he had always the top-notch delivery. I mean, have you ever seen "Road to Morocco?" It is delightful. I don't think though, that it was actually filmed in Morocco. This was made in the big studio days. Location work was very rare. "Lawrence of Arabia" on the other hand, I am quite sure, was filmed in various parts of our homelands. I have seen this on DVD and the sand looks very authentic to me.

Incidentally, speaking of all of these films, often when I watch this "Ebert and Roeper" I pay careful attention to determine which one is more pro-Israel. My guess is Roeper, but I don't know why. It is just a hunch I have. Thumbs up to you, Abdul.

Abdul...let me here at this point ask you a question which I suppose will be purely rhetorical until you respond. Do you ever feel, well, I think the word I would use is "funny" about our activities? I am not asking if you feel guilt, this is not the correct term. "Funny" is, I think, closer to the mark.

Let me explain how I sometimes feel funny. You know that here in America we cooperate very extensively with the "neo-Nazi" groups as they are called in the Jew-controlled press. It is not for me to outline the full extent of this cooperation, though I can tell you we receive a small portion of the profits from t-shirt sales at the various "skinhead" concerts. Often, to facilitate this cooperation, I will meet with my local "neo-Nazi" leader, a man I shall call M. Over the last while we have spent a great deal of time together, and let me say honestly, Abdul, for an American, and a devout Christian, M is really not such a bad fellow. He is what the greedy Wall Street money-mongers call an "entrepreneur," running his own business which re-surfaces driveways, and also, he tells me, the occasional small parking lot. He is his only employee, though his cousin sometimes helps out on big jobs. His hobby is the collection of vintage railroad timetables, he possesses a fine tenor voice, and also, he does a hilarious impersonation of Jesse Jackson. You probably don't know, Abdul, that this Jesse Jackson has been chosen by us as a possible "puppet" President after America has been toppled. He has been deemed suitable for this purpose, yet I have to say, Abdul, to me this Jackson comes off as a real goofball. You should hear M do his impression. "Keep hope alive!" he will say in a loud booming voice, with the correct intonation, etc. It is really most amazing. He sounds just like this Jackson.

So, you can probably understand my feelings, Abdul. I am, of course, only using this M, and when his usefulness is complete, he will have to be eliminated. I am unsure yet whether to shoot him, slit his throat, or simply blow up his home and repaving equipment. But no matter what the method of elimination, I can't help feeling a little sad. Yes. And "funny" as well, just as I said to start off.

Let me know if you have similar situations.

Monday, June 17, 2002 is a sudden worry out of nowhere that has been striking at me all day. I have already discussed this with Hassan and he is equally upset.

In the American press on this day I see that Bush, Satanic potentate that he is, has authorized the evil CIA to kill President Hussein of the Iraqi Republic. And he does this publicly! To do this really takes what the Jews call "chutzpah." I am unsure how to render this term in Arabic.

The idea striking me is this: for him to authorize the killing of President Hussein, Satanic tongue-tied Bush must believe it is possible. This may mean that just as we are a cell lying in wait here inside America, biding our time until the day when we strike, there may be a sleeper cell of Americans lying in wait inside of Iraq! I can tell you that when this idea first struck me I was hardly in a state of happiness.

What burns and stings most about this is the ease with which this could be accomplished. Infiltration in America is next to impossible. There are no rules. There are white people, dark people, yellow, people with short hair, long hair, persons wearing "blue jeans" and expensive silk suits, people with died hair and on and on. Abdul, let me tell you, on one trip I made to the downtown region to contest my parking ticket, I saw two men kissing! In broad daylight! For normal people like us, all this creates dilemmas, since we do not know how to dress or act in order to fit in properly.

The Americans in Iraq, however, are having no problems! Proper behavior is described in government edicts which are nailed up everywhere, and there is large uniformity of dress along with general acceptance of men with dark hair and moustaches. It's like a big vacation for them over them you see? Life is really very unfair sometimes. The Americans enjoy themselves in pursuit of evil, while we suffer in pursuit of good.

For a moment I was going to say that we all have our cross to bear, but this is perhaps not the appropriate metaphor.

Let us hope my concerns about this infernal cell are unfounded.

Abdul...there are some people that have to create problems no matter what the circumstance. They never find themselves happy this type of person and I fear, Abdul, that you are one of these. Just because I offer you advice is no signal for you to advise me. This is not your place.

Your assertion that my bad moods and frequent displeasure with you is really caused by the problems I have with my teeth is without any proofs. It is true that I have a great number of dental problems: many cavities, severe chipping, sensitivity to cold, and also very bad bridgework. For many years I have not been to the dentist at all. One reason is I am extremely occupied with plotting of various actions and administrative paperwork, and the other reason is, frankly, I am afraid of dentists. After not going for so many years, my fear has worsened. The original problem most likely comes from the dentist I had when I was a child. He was old-fashioned and did not believe in novocaine. Perhaps a Jew such as Freud would read more into it, I do not know, the point is I am now so afraid that just the thought of a dentist makes me break into cold sweats. I can barely watch this "1-800-DENTIST" infidel woman when she appears on the television set.

There are other issues. It is well-documented that most Jews apply to medical school upon completion of undergraduate study. The ones who are not good enough to enter these medical schools, if they are not fighting in Israel, are probably applying to become either lawyers or dentists, so when one goes to a dental office, one must always realize this is not the cream of the crop in there. What is more, the last time I did attend a dentist, I paid high prices and most of my time was spent with the "dental hygienist" and let's face it, in this case we're talking community college-level people. Being in their control makes me uneasy.

I have considered looking into a dentist with the specialty of those with severe dental anxiety. Perhaps later in the summer when things slow down. We will see.

All this having been said, none of these factors have anything to do with any angers or displeasure I feel toward you. Nor is my displeasure ever caused by gas, indigestion, headache, low blood sugar, muscle cramps, or loneliness. You should know that everyone in the world finds it irritating when you say something about them that is not true. This is just basic psychology and people-coping skills I'm talking about here, Abdul, something you should have learned long ago. Sometimes I wonder where you were raised.

My anger is my own, and one of the few things I have to look forward to in a day. I ask you not to meddle with it.

Abdul...let me offer you a few words of advice. I am older than you and your titular superior, so I think I have this right.

I remember one time I was on a yacht with Arafat, cruising the Mediterranean. Some of the wealthier families in Lebanon and Syria will often lend him their craft and on occasion he will get a motor launch from the EU. And when I say that I was on a yacht with Arafat, don't think I am name-dropping or that he was hanging out with me in particular, I was just one of many who were there, certainly the lowest on the totem pole. But this is just how things are sometimes, you must spend time with people better off and more prestigious on the hope that they will kick some work or other help your way. This can be very humiliating, but it's a networking thing, it just has to be done.

In any case, Arafat was up on the deck of this yacht, sunning himself and eating a can of tuna along with a chocolate milkshake. I was nearby, and in an obvious mood of quiet contentment he said to me, "We are engaged in a titanic struggle, it is true. We are fighting for the future of the earth. For the very soul of mankind. All this is true, and yet it is still important to have a good time. You must really enjoy life to get even with it."

He is really quite a philosopher, Arafat. Most people don't realize. Anyway, my point is that if you went to this Tijuana to have some fun and enjoy yourself I suppose this is acceptable.

Let us "bury the hatchet" as the American dogs say to indicate peacemaking. Only when we are working together, our hatchet buried, can we work to bury America itself. are correct on this score. In my earlier and let me also add still very justifiable rage I forgot to mention that yes, the Pamela Anderson, "V.I.P." program has been cancelled, certainly by the same Jew television executives we have spoken of before. Since new episodes of the program will no longer be made, it will of course no longer be used to send orders and messages to our Nebraska chapter.

The new venue for sending such communication will be the "Fear Factor" program. The method of code will also change slightly. Instead of a numerical algorithm based on the number of halter tops worn by Pamela and her friends, the new code will involve anagrams based on the type of insect or disgusting food the "Fear Factor" contestants are compelled to eat in their American greed to win a mere $50,000. There is no need to explain further, just pass the information on, the Nebraska leader is well aware of which code format to follow.

And do not think that because I use you as a conduit for this communication that I am not still angry. I am. Believe me.

Abdul...let me say, you are only making things worse. Hassan tells me you are responding to my anger by getting mad at me, saying that I have no business having such anger. You are really out on a camel hump when you make such a claim.

Even now you have not fully explained to me the purpose of this trip to Tijuana. Then I hear that you have been in a car accident across the Mexican border, that you did not have proper insurance for your "Budget" rental car, and as a result of all this you were arrested by Mexican authorities. Hassan was forced to bail you out and offer a "gratuity" as I believe it is called to various Mexican policemen, and even then they only released you because he was able to convince them that you were an Australian aborigine who had migrated to the United States on the strength of a boomerang scholarship to Temple University.

There is such a thing as tempting fate, Abdul. One might argue it is our job to tempt fate: blowing one's self up, flying a plane into a skyscraper, these ventures are also risky. But we do these things for a good reason. Getting arrested in Baja serves no purpose that I can see, and please do not give me this disrespectful attitude of yours and try to invent a reason. Sometimes the best thing is just to admit you have done something idiotic.

The Americans, I know, have something that is called a "civil service." Those who toil in this civil service can never be fired or removed from their post no matter how incompetent or lazy or stupid they might be. But you aren't in the civil service, are you, Abdul? Please think of this carefully.

Abdul...right now I am so angry with you I cannot even type properly. Steam is coming out of my ears, and I do not even mean this as a metaphor.

We will continue this later.